Lunn says Executive has given local people delays, not delivery

Alliance Lagan Valley MLA Trevor Lunn has said that the Executive is all about delays, not delivery, and quoted missed deadlines on the Victims’ Commissioner, the second strand of the Water Review and free public transport for the over 60s as examples.

The Lagan Valley MLA said: “These delays show that the Executive is not doing as good a job as they are trying making out. People are more used to delays than delivery with this administration.

“The delay in appointing a Victims’ Commissioner is a total disgrace. It is an affront to victims who have already been left without a voice for the past 13 months. First we were told the appointment would be made before last summer, then they also missed the second self-appointed deadline at Christmas.

“Even when the Executive actually make decisions, they do not implement them in time, as we have seen with the postponement of free transport for people over 60.

“The Executive wants quick headlines, then they often neglect to deliver on time. Their Programme for Government isn’t up to much in the first place, but I am even more disappointed that they are shifting delivery timeframes already.

“We are still waiting for the introduction of free personal care for older people. We have led on this issue and we will not let this matter drop either.

“Where also is the latest report on Water Review. It was meant to be here in December but we have seen no sign of it yet? We surely won’t have to face another long delay, will we?

“We have all seen the photographs of Ian Paisley and Martin McGuiness looking like old friends, but this is itself is simply not enough. Local people rightly demand and deserve delivery from devolution. We will continue keep the pressure on the Executive to address these matters and stop these delays.”


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