Lunn hopes Ulster Bank will be flexible as compensation claims come in

Alliance Enterprise spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has called on Ulster Bank to be flexible to claims that they will be receiving from customers in the coming weeks following the computer problem earlier in the year that prevented some customers from accessing their accounts. Customers have received a direct payment into their accounts and can apply for compensation such as for cost of travel of having to go to their branch to access their account.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I would like to welcome the fact that Ulster Bank have stuck to their promise to compensate customers who lost money during the computer error problem that lasted several weeks.

“I am glad that they are also going to provide compensation for the inconvenience that customers faced by having to go their branch to take money out as well as the costs of having to travel to their bank.

“While this system does seem to be unnecessarily complicated for such a large amount of people who were affected, I do hope that Ulster Bank will be open minded and flexible to the compensation claims they receive and that they are not too bureaucratic by allowing claims that would be seen as bending the rules.”


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