Lunn: DUP proves again Petition of Concern mechanism is flawed

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has hit out at the DUP, after the party confirmed it would bring a petition of concern to block the latest equal marriage motion in the Assembly.

The Assembly will debate the matter on November 2, the fifth time the issue has been contested there. However, today (Friday) the DUP announced it had tabled a petition of concern on the motion. It means the party has now effectively vetoed any outcome.

Mr Lunn said it was the latest in a long list of DUP abuses of petitions of concern.

“The mechanism is designed to help protect minority groups and their interests, yet it is repeatedly wheeled out by the DUP to prevent anything the party doesn’t agree with or might feel uncomfortable about.

“Instead of protecting minority interests, by using it on the issue of equal marriage the DUP are doing the exact opposite. We now know that no matter what happens when MLAs vote on this motion, it will be killed off by the DUP.

“Alliance is committed to equality for all. By again abusing the flawed petition of concern system, it is clear the DUP does not.”

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