Lunn demands action on integrated education

Lagan Valley Alliance Representative Cllr Trevor Lunn has called on the government to put its money where its mouth is on integrated education. He stated that the government has been sending out very mixed messages on integrated and shared schooling.

Cllr Lunn said: “The government talk a good game on integrated education but when it comes to providing funding they are regularly found wanting.

“Only last month, we saw Peter Hain give the go ahead for the implementation of the Bain Review findings which see a shared future as the way forward. However, in December, a number of schools were refused integrated status and Antrim was refused an integrated secondary school.

“Just after Peter Hain gave the Bain recommendations the green light, we heard that integrated education is being given the lowest percentage funding increase per pupil out of all sectors.

“Are these very mixed messages the actions of a government strongly committed to a shared future?

“Its time that the government put its money where its mouth is on integrated education and gave it the funding it really deserves.

“Alliance is a strong voice for integrated education in Lagan Valley and across Northern Ireland, and we will keep pressure on the government to deliver more cash to meet the obvious demand for integrated school places.”


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