Dickson outraged at alleged bid to stop Alliance in East Antrim with peerage

Alliance East Antrim Representative Cllr Stewart Dickson has slammed those that unsuccessfully tried to stop Alliance standing in the 2005 Westminster election in East Antrim. His comments come following David Ford’s statement that David Trimble had suggested that if his party stood down in four constituencies, he would be given a seat in the House of Lords.

The Carrickfergus Councillor said: “It is disgraceful that any party should even suggest that the Alliance Party should have stood aside in East Antrim in the 2005 Westminster election.

“The citizens of East Antrim have a proud record of voting for the Alliance Party for over thirty years and we have been proud to represent them.

“We are a stand-alone party and we are the only one that provides an alternative to sectarianism for local people.

“Alliance Party representatives in East Antrim have delivered over 30 year of top quality service to local people, and efforts from other parties to try to stop Alliance standing there in the 2005 Westminster election were downright disgraceful.”


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