Lunn criticises Robinson ‘witch hunt’ comment and says expenses scrutiny needed

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has condemned comments from Iris Robinson branding media scrutiny of MPs’ expenses as a ‘witch hunt’. He said yet again some in the DUP are out of step with public opinion.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “We have a yet another senior member of the DUP going on a solo run and getting annoyed about expenses coverage. This again shows how out of step the DUP are with the public on this important issue.

“Politicians are public figures and must be scrutinised by the media. The public are correctly angry about the way some MPs used their expenses and they have a right to know about how public funds are being spent.

“Is this mainstream DUP thinking or is it another example of how out of touch Iris Robinson and Sammy Wilson are with their party?

“People are entitled to their opinions on this issue, however; the role of the media has been extremely useful in shining a light on an area that had previously gone almost unchecked..”


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