Lunn concerned at dog attack figures and calls for tougher laws

Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has expressed shock at figures from the Western Health Trust that show that over 100 people have attended accident and emergency in the area after being attacked by dogs since the start of the year.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “This is a deeply worrying statistic and it illustrates very clearly why we need to see tougher dangerous dogs legislation implemented here as soon as possible.

“These figures demonstrate the extent of this problem and we need to see the toughening of the existing law urgently. We need to get the legislation right and we need to have it in place before the end of this Assembly term.

“I am shocked at this number and if it provides a reflection of the situation across the whole of Northern Ireland it would demonstrate a deeply worrying scenario. We need to close any loopholes in the existing laws and look to the laws in the rest of the UK to help us strengthen this legislation.”


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