Lunn calls on First and Deputy First Ministers to give clarity on Maze timetable

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has called on the First and Deputy First Ministers to provide clear timetables for the redevelopment of the Maze site. Last week it was announced that agreement had been reached on the future of the site.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “It’s great to see that agreement has been reached to redevelop the Maze site but we need to see concrete timetables for the start and completion of work. We also need more detail as to precisely what will be built on the site.

“We have been in the situation before where it looked like we would see progress only for hopes to be dashed. We need clear timeframes from the First and Deputy First Ministers.

“The announcement was only made a few days ago but already the differences of opinion within unionism are there for all to see. I note Sir Reg Empey’s comment that the Development Corporation should not be involved with the conflict transformation centre but I believe its essential that the Development Corporation should have overall responsibility.

“The people of Northern Ireland have waited for so long to see the redevelopment of the Maze and there can be no further delays. We need to see a Development Corporation set up as soon as possible so that the potential of this site can be realised quickly. It is well over a year now since Lagan Valley public representatives were promised by OFMDFM the speedy creation of this body and we have yet to see its formation.

“There needs to be a clear vision on what is going to happen so that we actually see progress not simply more delays. I want the First and Deputy First Minister to provide clarity on the timetable for the establishment of the corporation, the start of work and its completion.”


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