Lunn calls on DCC to pay any bank charges caused by payment error

Alliance Enterprise spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has backed the Consumer Council call for DCC Energy Ltd to pay any bank charges caused when it mistakenly charged customers double the amount they should have. Maxol have already said that they will refund its customers the amount that they mistakenly charged.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “I was shocked that DCC could make such a large mistake by overcharging its customers, especially just before Christmas when money can be very tight for many households.

“I was glad that they swiftly reacted to the mistake and agreed to refund any amount that they overcharged, but this overcharging could have resulted in overdraft bank fees being given to people through no fault of their own.

“I believe that it is only right for DCC to also refund customers any bank charges that were caused by their mistake. DCC need to make sure that they put measures in place to prevent any similar mistakes in the future.

“We also need better regulation of the home heating oil industry to make sure that customers get the best possible service and have a better redress and compliant process. It is unusal that such an important industry does not have better regulation, especially when it has has a major impact on the lives of a majority of people.”


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