Loss of jobs at SDC Trailers bad blow for Toome – Blair

Alliance MLA John Blair has said the potential job losses at SDC Trailers will be a huge blow for the Toome area of South Antrim.

John Blair said: “At this stage SDC Trailers has indicated that jobs will be lost at its plants, including Toome, but are unable to confirm numbers of staff who may be affected. This will cause great concern to all staff and I hope some clarity can be provided soon for the workers.

“Yet again, we see an important company highlight how the uncertainty around Brexit has caused their customers to reassess capital investments, including the purchase of trailers. This has the obvious follow on impact for companies such as SDC Trailers, who are an important employer in this rural area.

“It is clear there is no such thing as a good Brexit. The business community needs certainty to effectively plan for the future and secure jobs and this is best achieved by us staying in the EU.”