Lord Mayor condemns petrol bomb attack

THE Lord Mayor of Belfast, Councillor Tom Ekin, has condemned a petrol bomb attack on a Tate’s Avenue house early on Monday morning.

Cllr Ekin stated:

“Thirty years of violence should have taught us that these kind of attacks resolve nothing, and I condemn this one unreservedly. There were six children in this house, and we could have been waking up this morning to a major tragedy.

“Sadly, attacks on Travellers are too common, and in this instance, children’s lives were put at risk. People with disputes need to resolve them through dialogue. It is an absolute shame that members of this family should be attacked in this way, and it simply cannot be justified.

“I am opposed to all forms of criminal activity – whether that is attempted murder, extortion, destruction of property or whatever – and would strongly urge those involved to cease all such activity before a bad situation gets worse.”

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