Long welcomes Assembly consultation

Alliance MP Naomi Long has welcomed a consultation into the operation of the Northern Ireland Assembly launched by Secretary of State Owen Paterson.

The consultation, which runs until 23rd October, will look at issues including dual mandates and transparency around political donations.

East Belfast MP Mrs Long said it would confront problems Alliance has already tackled voluntarily.

“Alliance has well-developed policies on how the Assembly could be improved in terms of function and delivery, and we look forward to presenting them to the Secretary of State, as well as finding agreement with the other parties as to how we reform the structures, making them more efficient and able to deliver better for the people we serve.

“On the other issues on which he is consulting, particularly dual mandates and increased transparency around financial donations, these are areas I have campaigned strongly on, including raising them at Westminster. Alliance has once again taken the lead by delivering our pre-election promises.

“While the result of this consultation may be the Secretary of State introducing legislation which would compel other parties to also address these matters, we would call on them to use the intervening period to, like Alliance, address them voluntarily.”


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