Long stresses need for backstop to Brexit Secretary

Alliance Leader Naomi Long MLA has stressed to the Brexit Secretary the need for a backstop to ensure no hard border after any Brexit.Mrs Long was speaking while meeting Dominic Raab at Stormont House. She said while short, the meeting was worthwhile.

“It was good to have the opportunity, albeit brief, to impress upon the Brexit Secretary the true interests of the majority of people of Northern Ireland towards Brexit, and the importance of protecting the peace process and our economy,” she said.

“We were keen to give him an understanding that the issues around the border are more than purely economic and even political – they are also emotional and psychological.

“Alliance’s preference remains the entire Brexit process being reconsidered via a People’s Vote, with a soft Brexit UK-wide as a second option. Nevertheless, it is important the backstop option is there as an open-ended insurance policy which ensures no return to a hard border.”

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