Long says Youth Assembly is needed to give young people a stronger voice

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long has given her full support to the campaign to create a Youth Assembly to give young people more input into politics and local decisions that affect them. Her comments come on the day that 108 young people are going to Stormont to bring this campaign to MLAs.

Naomi Long MLA said: “I would like to see the creation of a Youth Assembly for Northern Ireland. This campaign is very important because it highlights the real need for young people to be given more of a say in issues that affect their everyday lives. Devolution is meant to be about bringing decision-making closer to local people. This must also apply as regards our young people.

“I strongly supported the campaign to create a shadow Youth Council for Belfast and I believe that it has plays an important role in local politics. I have also written to WIMPS in support of their campaign for the creation of a Youth Assembly.

“Apathy can be one of the most damaging phenomena in any democracy, and we must ensure that our young people do not get disillusioned with local politics.

“Young people are our future. Our politicians need to remember this and pay more attention to their needs and concerns.”


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