Alliance Leader says OFMDFM Legislative Programme offers no original thinking

Speaking on today’s Assembly debate on the Legislative Programme, Alliance Leader David Ford said that almost none of the ideas for new legislation come from the Executive itself. Alliance today put in an amendment to the motion underlining its sheer lack of substance.

David Ford said “The Legislative Programme contains next to no original thought from the Executive. This legislation is either about bringing us into line with the rest of the UK or is about civil services ideas on improving processes.

“Either this Executive cannot agree on anything of substance or else they are totally devoid of fresh approaches on improving people’s everyday lives. No matter what the explanation for this paucity of ideas, the Programme perfectly illustrates how poor this Executive is.

“Where is the legislation on vitally important issues like free personal care for older people and creating an Independent Environmental Protection Agency? Why are there no plans to implement a Single Equality Bill? Why is there no sign of legislation to implement the findings of the Bamford Review to improve mental health services?

“You could reel off a catalogue of areas which need legislation, which have not bee addressed at all. These flimsy plans should be renamed the Programme for Missed Opportunities.

“The total lack of initiative and creativity is breathtaking. People are beginning to see how ineffectual this Executive really is.”


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