Long says no excuses over Chilcot inquiry delay

Alliance East Belfast MP, Naomi Long, has said the official inquiry into the 2003 Iraq War should be published as soon as possible, after it was revealed there were no plans to do so before the General Election.

Inquiry Chair Sir John Chilcot said there was ‘no realistic prospect’ of publication before polling day on May 7, with no explanation having yet been given for the delay.

Sir John has stated in a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron that although ‘substantial progress’ has been made, he was still allowing people criticised during the process to respond.

“The Chilcot Inquiry began in 2009 and last held a public hearing in 2011,” said Naomi Long.

“That is more than a reasonable amount of time to produce findings. If people have been offered a right to reply to accusations or criticisms made against them and failed to take it, then that is a matter for them.

“There has been beyond an acceptable time period for anyone concerned to respond, so it is not acceptable for this inquiry’s report to be delayed until the next Parliament.”


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