Long re-opens social economy projects in East Belfast

East Belfast Alliance MP Naomi Long today re-opened the Re-Store and Re-Fresh East Belfast Mission Social Economy projects. Re-Fresh is a low cost healthy food community café and delivers meals on wheels. Re-Store provides re-usable furniture/electrical goods in partnership with Bryson House.

Naomi Long MP said: “It is a real pleasure to re-open Re-Store and Re-Fresh projects. These schemes are two of the 10 East Belfast Mission Social Economy projects across Northern Ireland which have been developed over the last five years to conduct vital work in and for the community.

“These are excellent schemes. They give a lot back to the community in terms of delivering low cost healthy food, meals on wheels and re-usable furniture and electrical goods. Its great to have businesses like these which focus on people as opposed to profit.

“I want to congratulate those involved on the re-openings and I wish the projects well going forward. I also want to wish everyone well with the exciting flagship project Skainos.”

East Belfast Alliance MLA Chris Lyttle said: “These are two brilliant projects and they provide important resources for the community. I want to praise the work of the East Belfast Mission and these two great schemes emphasise the important role that social economy projects play in our society.”


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