Lo – People trafficking must be eradicated

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has called on the police to ensure that people trafficking is an issue that they are focusing on. Her call follows the news that police have rescued several women from Belfast properties who had been trafficked into the country. Police also arrested a number of people in these properties following the raids on Friday morning.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I am glad that the police are focusing on people trafficking. This is an issue that must be urgently tackled and eradicated. It was only a couple of years ago that it was stated by the Northern Ireland Office that we did not have a big problem with human trafficking here, but after these raids it is clear that this crime is quite widespread.

“This is a sickening crime carried out by callous individuals who see no moral problem in buying and selling human beings. These people must be stopped before more victims are forced into what amounts to 21st century slavery.

“The women who have been rescued deserve all the help that we can give them. They must have had horrendous experiences at the hands of these traffickers. I am glad that the police have improved how they deal with these women who are now treated as victims and not illegal immigrants. The authorities should ensure that they have resources in place to be able properly look after all victims of people trafficking.”


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