Long pays tribute to Ronan Kerr at Westminster

East Belfast Alliance MP Naomi Long is today speaking in the House of Commons on the murder of Constable Ronan Kerr.

Speaking before the statement to House of Commons, Naomi Long MP said: “I would join with the overwhelming majority of people in extending my sincere sympathy to the Kerr family circle and Ronan’s friends and colleagues at this difficult time.

We have come so far and we cannot – and will not – allow those behind this callous murder to drag our community back. They have nothing to offer but misery, heartache and despair. That agenda is in stark contrast to that of Ronan Kerr and his colleagues who join the PSNI to serve the community, help those in need and build for the future.

“Constable Kerr’s mother, Nuala, in expressing her own and her family’s grief, also expressed how most of us feel when she said “We don’t want to go back into the dark days again of fear and terror. We were so proud of Ronan and all that he stood for. Don’t let his death be in vain.”

Naomi Long MP continued: “The callous and deliberate targeting of young catholic officers is an attempt to drive a wedge through the PSNI and the wider community. The best tribute we can pay to Constable Kerr is to refuse to be deflected by those wedded to violence and to redouble our efforts to build that more united community and shared future for all.”


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