Former Head of Energy Saving Trust brings his environmental credentials to Alliance

The Alliance Party has selected Noel Williams to stand for them in this year’s Carrickfergus Council elections. He will run alongside Seán Neeson in the Carrick Castle area. Mr Williams was until recently the Head of the Energy Saving Trust in Northern Ireland.

Noel Williams said: “I believe that Alliance is leading the way on protecting our environment, delivering on climatic issues and supporting a housing Green New Deal to make homes energy efficient and therefore helping to create jobs. I joined Alliance because they deliver on bread and butter issues as well as on the environment. They offer real solutions and I would like to play my part in delivering for the whole community as part of the Alliance team.

“It is a privilege to stand for the Alliance Party in Carrickfergus where we have a very strong team.

“I have the honour of running alongside a man whom I have known since childhood and is one of Northern Ireland’s most popular and experienced politicians in Seán Neeson.

“Alliance has had a magnificent year with Naomi Long being elected MP in East Belfast and David Ford being elected Northern Ireland’s first devolved Justice Minister in 40 years. We are attracting new faces to join us from across the community and I believe our momentum and positive attitude can deliver even more success in the upcoming Assembly and Council elections.”


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