Long: No guarantee Westminster will plug Brexit funding gap

Naomi Long MLA has said voters should be ‘extremely concerned’ after the Deputy First Minister confirmed there was no guarantee EU funding lost in the event of a Brexit vote would be replaced by Westminster.

Questioning the deputy first Minister in the Assembly on Monday, the Alliance Deputy Leader added voters needed to be aware of the economic reality facing Northern Ireland in the event of a vote to leave the EU.

Naomi Long MLA said: “Voters must recognise the immediate impact a vote to leave the EU will have on Northern Ireland.

“The deputy First Minister was clear – there are no guarantees the raft of EU funding which comes to Northern Ireland from the EU will be replaced by funding from Westminster.

“This automatically puts farming subsides, peace money and investment in skills at risk, throwing into jeopardy a range of occupations and industries.

“I find it odd that, being one of the loudest voices in the vote leave campaign, the First Minister is apparently happy to walk voters into this major decision with no confirmation over how Northern Ireland will address the major funding gap in the future.”

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