Long launches Alliance’s Westminster manifesto

Naomi Long has helped launch Alliance’s Westminster manifesto, saying representation for the party at Westminster will help it achieve its vision of a shared future.

The Alliance Deputy Leader and East Belfast Westminster candidate, speaking at today’s manifesto launch in the MAC in Belfast, said Alliance MPs would bring a unique voice to Westminster, building on her many achievements there over the past five years.

“Alliance followed through on each of our previous manifesto commitments in the last Parliament, fulfilling our pre-election promises to the people. We pledged to end double-jobbing – we did. We vowed to increase transparency in donations – we did. We guaranteed to fight welfare reform – we did.

“We did all that while providing the best value for money from any local party in Westminster. So while others are trying to make this election about representation in the House of Commons, the numbers don’t lie. Alliance tops the poll.

“In the next Parliament, Alliance will continue our fight to provide the best future we can for everyone in Northern Ireland, ensuring their voice is heard and respected.”


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