Bradshaw: Alliance has the substance to make key commitments a reality

A vote for Alliance is a vote for Northern Ireland and it’s accomplishments, South Belfast Westminster candidate Paula Bradshaw has said, as she helped launch the Party’s manifesto ahead of May’s General Election.

Highlighting the need to be positive, not negative about Northern Ireland and its position within the UK and world, the South Belfast Councillor referenced her work in the local community as key in shaping her belief in the need for the Alliance Party’s inclusive politics.

Paula Bradshaw said: “I joined the Alliance Party because I want to build bridges, not barriers; and I want to be positive, not negative about Northern Ireland – something which only Alliance is genuinely offering voters.

“While others thrive on promoting difference, and with it insecurity and isolation, it is our community as a whole that suffers – transferring to our role within the UK, often with embarrassment.

“Others are happy for Northern Ireland to be referred to as an endless ‘special case’. Rather than tackling the cost of our divided society, others are content for Northern Ireland to be known for an outrageous blood ban, racist attacks and blocking of equality laws – issues that hardly do our pleas for ‘special case’ financial status any good.

“I work on an inner-city interface and I know it is not easy to change attitudes, but unlike the large-party politicians who are determined to build barriers, the rest of us – in the community, in business, in the arts – are building bridges.

“That’s why Alliance is launching our most ambitious manifesto to date and we will be seeking support for transformative changes, focussed on taking Northern Ireland forward, not back.

“From securing our position within the EU, to building a 21st century economy and protecting the environment – Alliance has the policies to make our key commitments a reality.”


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