Long expresses disappointment over Kincora decision

Alliance MP Naomi Long has said the Northern Ireland Office’s vow to co-operate with the Assembly’s Historical Abuse Inquiry “totally missed the point” after the UK Government refused to make Kincora Boys’ Home part of its own investigation.

East Belfast MP Mrs Long was speaking after the announcement that Kincora would be dealt with solely by Sir Anthony Hart’s inquiry rather than the wider Home Office version, stating the protection of children was a devolved matter. Mrs Long has made long-standing calls for allegations around security service involvement at Kincora to be looked at by the Home Office, an appeal recently backed by the Assembly.

She said the victims and survivors of Kincora had been let down by the decision.Whilst I welcome the news that the Government is willing to participate in the investigation into the goings-on at Kincora, it is disappointing they have not allowed the home to be part of the wider-ranging Home Office inquiry.

“Kincora is under the spotlight not just for allegations of abuse but also claims that security services participated in blackmail and cover-ups around it. While the Secretary of State is correct in saying the welfare of children is a devolved matter to Northern Ireland, the security services are not. The Home Office inquiry has dragged its feet for months now in not responding to my calls for Kincora to be included in it and this is just the latest disappointment.

“If Kincora is not to be included in the Home Office inquiry, I would call for a separate, independent inquiry with statutory powers to be established and Kincora to be included in it. That now appears to be the only way the victims and survivors of the home will gain the justice they deserve.”


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