Long describes those behind bomb scares as despicable

Alliance East Belfast MLA Naomi Long has described those who have caused a number of security alerts and road closures across Belfast as despicable, saying that they are disrupting the normal life of people in the city.

Naomi Long MLA said: “I condemn these despicable people who have disrupted the normal running of the city. They have caused annoyance and distress to people who both live and work in these areas.

“It is reckless in the best of times but is even worse in the economic downturn. These security alerts are preventing business from fighting this downturn. It is grossly irresponsible.

“Again a united condemnation is needed from across the political spectrum. These micro-groups cannot and will not be allowed to de-rail the progress made in recent years.

“I would urge anybody with any information about any of these security alerts to contact the police.”


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