Catholic Commission plans will not help stop transfer chaos

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has said that the Commission for Catholic Education’s plans do little to end the chaos on post-primary transfer, as they have essentially said that Catholic grammars can each set a different selection test. Alliance has proposed that a test set by CCEA be used temporarily to avert the anarchy presented by the Education Minister’s proposals.

Trevor Lunn MLA stated: “I am disappointed that the Commission for Catholic Education has given Catholic grammar schools the go ahead to set their own entrance exams. Our proposal for a common test to be set by CCEA was an attempt to bring some order to the present confusion.

“We now face the prospect of different tests set by different schools/sectors and we feel strongly that this is not the right way forward.

“The Catholic Commission said that in the absence of a regulated system testing may be necessary. We would welcome this but their overall plans do not help clarify this matter for parents, pupils or teachers.”


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