Long dedicated to taking East Belfast forward

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long MP will defend her East Belfast Westminster seat in next year’s general election, after being confirmed as the Party’s candidate following a selection meeting on Wednesday night.

The MP for the constituency since 2010, Mrs Long described the forthcoming campaign as a ‘battle for progress in Northern Ireland’ which she was determined to win for the people of the constituency, adding she was pleased to receive the nomination from the Party.

Naomi Long MP said: “Alliance is the only Party dedicated to delivering for everyone in East Belfast and since my first election back in 2001, I have dedicated myself to serving all of the people in the area. My election in 2010 gave me the opportunity to carry on that work in Westminster, and to work to support and promote East Belfast as a vibrant, welcoming community. I have lived in East Belfast all of my life and it is an honour to be able represent its people in Westminster; however, I recognise the challenges which we face, challenges which can only be overcome if we work together as a united community, focused on building for the future and creating stability.

“Next May voters in East Belfast have a clear choice to make – either we can take further steps forward for peace, social inclusion and prosperity or we can retreat along sectarian lines, with politics characterised by pettiness, squabbling and deadlock.

“While other parties have been publicly single-minded about wanting to ‘take East Belfast back,’ Alliance is focused on taking Northern Ireland forward. Alliance is the only party clearly dedicated to working for the whole community whether here in East Belfast or in Westminster.”

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