Long: Commitment and compromise crucial to deal delivery

Speaking ahead of the final phase of talks chaired by Dr Richard Haass, Naomi Long MP said: “Any deal depends entirely on the degree of flexibility parties are willing to show in pursuit of agreement. This is the right time and the best process to address all three issues, none of which will get less contentious with delay. Instead they will continue to distract from other important business.

“Now is the time to redouble our focus on bridging the significant gaps which exist between parties on all three issues. Richard Haass and Meghan O’Sullivan have invested a lot of time and energy in these talks, and parties must repay this commitment by showing their willingness to negotiate on all three issues.

“The public have made it clear they want progress now. They have invested hope in this process and we are hugely conscious of the responsibility to realise their expectations. Without a significant shift in attitudes, the chance of a five party deal on all three issues remains remote, but with the right attitude, it is not impossible.”


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