Long calls on people to Step Forward with Alliance on May 7th

Alliance Deputy Leader and East Belfast Westminster candidate Naomi Long has told today’s Alliance Conference that she offers a real alternative for those disillusioned and disengaged with the political process.

Speaking to a packed audience at the La Mon Hotel in East Belfast, Mrs Long called on people in her constituency to step forward with her to help continue taking East Belfast forward in the forthcoming General Election.

“I understand that may people are now weary of politics and promises unfulfilled. They are not only sceptical that change can happen, but also that their choices and actions can influence that change. But I know it can,” she said.

“I am the living proof that if individuals change how they vote, even the safest of seats can change hands. People get the leadership they vote for. Alliance is offering people who are frustrated a real alternative and the chance to shape their future for the better. The power is literally in their hands as they make their choice in the ballot box.

“Alliance being in Westminster is important because we can be the fresh, more progressive voice for Northern Ireland, promoting evidence-based policies, challenging anti-European and anti-immigration rhetoric, while supporting equality and human rights, freedom of and from religion and fighting consistently against the burden of the Government’s cuts agenda being carried out against the poorest in our community.

“I am asking people on May 7th to step forward with me, step forward with Alliance and help us deliver another massive step forward, for East Belfast and for Northern Ireland.”


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