Long attacks tribal election campaign saying it insults public

Alliance Deputy Leader Naomi Long has launched a stinging attack on the tribal parties for insulting the public by focussing on pacts and not the real issues like jobs or services.

Naomi Long said: “The fixation on sectarian carve-ups in this election shows a complete disregard for the public, who have the right to expect a choice of candidates and a choice of policies, rather than the tribal choice of orange or green.

“Parties are insulting the intelligence of the people they are seeking to represent. They seem to think that by simply wrapping a flag around a candidate, people won’t look beyond that to the issues when they are deciding how to vote.

“People know that the border is not up for negotiation in this election, but their quality of life is on the table. Whatever the make-up of the next UK government, there will be tough choices for us locally.

“Alliance is focused on the issues that matter: creating the conditions for job growth; rebalancing the economy; defending public services; tackling poverty and social exclusion; protecting our environment; and, tackling the costs of division which are running at over £1bn per year. We want to create opportunities for everyone in our community.

“Alliance is offering people politics that works for everyone in our community, not politics which drives a wedge through the community. We are offering people in every constituency a positive, issue-based alternative to the sectarian carve-up. A vote for Alliance is an investment in the politics of the future, and a rejection of the tired, divisive politics of the past.”


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