Kamble says Quinn Insurance must have restrictions lifted

Alliance Party candidate in Fermanagh and South Tyrone Vasundhara Kamble has implored the Irish financial regulator to allow Quinn Insurance to accept all forms of new business immediately and she fears for the Fermanagh economy if a positive decision is not made quickly. She said that being allowed to take on provisional licence business was welcome but did not go far enough.

Vasundhara Kamble said: “Time is of the essence and I implore the financial regulator to lift all restrictions on trading instead of only allowing them to take on provisional licence business.

“Every day of full business lost is really hurting the company and our local economy.

“The area has had a difficult enough time already and people just want to get on with their work at Quinn Insurance. There must be a happy ending to this sad saga because the people of Fermanagh have been through too much economic turmoil already in recent times.”


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