Long asks Prime Minister – why no transparency on NI party donations?

East Belfast Alliance MP Naomi Long today in Prime Minister’s Questions asked David Cameron why Government has not extended the UK rules on political party donations to Northern Ireland.

Naomi Long MP said: “I asked the Prime Minister what was the key factor behind the decision not to provide voters here with the same transparency which those in the rest of the UK enjoy.

“Specifically, I asked the Prime Minister was the decision not to extend the rules actually based on security concerns or due to lobbying from other parties in Northern Ireland who do not want the scrutiny which it would being.

“I believe that denying this change is denying openness and democracy to voters in Northern Ireland and, at the very least, we need openness about the reasons for it.

“It is entirely reasonably for people to know the identity of significant donors to political parties, so that they can judge for themselves whether such donations influence party policy.

“Public confidence in politics and its institutions is crucial and openness is key to building it.

“In answer to my question, the Prime Minister did at least assure me he would look carefully at what I said and also said he would be able to provide me with a considered response in writing.”


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