Local people deserve better than bickering over new national stadium

Alliance Culture, Arts and Leisure Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has hit out over the disarray regarding the choice of venue for the proposed new national stadium. He branded the short deadline, previously announced by Minister Edwin Poots, a disgrace and called for a fair and transparent selection process for the location.

Kieran McCarthy MLA said: “The Executive is in disarray over the proposed stadium.

“Its time to stop the bickering and get down to conducting a fair, open and transparent process for selecting the location for the new all-sports stadium.

“The process has been a total farce so far, and the deadline date for location plans was a total disgrace.

“There must be a level playing field for all locations, and the decision made must be the right one, with all factors, both economic and social, being taken into account.

“Local people deserve a world-class all-sports stadium, irrespective of the location. The new arena must however be is a shared space, and we must get started on the project before this golden opportunity is lost.”


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