Lo shocked at shop robbery which lead to Botanic train station closure

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has slammed those involved in a robbery on a South Belfast shop, which lead to a wall collapsing and Botanic train station, which is beside the shop, being closed. The shop that was robbed was on Botanic Avenue, where thieves forced the shop’s fire door, which resulted in the wall collapsing, and Translink having to close Botanic station for a time this morning, as debris was strewn over the track.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I am very shocked at this robbery and the level of intent shown by the perpetrators of it.

“This robbery has hit the local community a double blow, with the shop being raided and the local train station having to be closed for a time this morning.

“This incident, and the ensuing damage has caused disruption to commuters.

“The ensuing events could have put lives at risk, because if a train had been approaching the station as the wall collapsed, the debris may have had the potential to cause an accident.

“I would appeal to anyone with information on the robbery to contact police immediately.”


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