Lo: Work and Families Bill is a progressive step forward

Alliance Employment and Learning spokesperson, Anna Lo MLA, has welcomed the completion of the final stage of the Work and Families Bill in the Assembly. The Bill was introduced by the Employment and Learning Minister, Stephen Farry. It will create a new system of shared parental leave and pay which will allow eligible working families to have more choice about how they balance their work and caring commitments. Parents can choose to be at home together or to work at different times and share the care of their child.

Anna Lo MLA said: “The Work and Families Bill gives new parents greater flexibility in their parental leave and gives equal rights to adoptive parents – this is a progressive piece of legislation and I commend the Employment and Learning Minister for introducing it.

“It is important we create a culture of shared parenting and recognise the inequality many women face in the workplace. All families are different and households face different pressures in work and there is always the need to bring in income. The realities of modern day society should be reflected in the law.

“This Bill is about facilitating choice, it is not about dictating how parents must take their leave. While it is likely mothers will continue to take the majority of the leave, it will enable change in our society so shared parenting can be embraced.”


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