Lo welcomes funding boost for Titanic’s Thompson Graving Dock

Alliance Environment spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has welcomed the announcement from Environment Minister Alex Attwood that his department would be allocating £1.5million for preservation work on the Thompson Graving Dock in the Titanic Quarter in Belfast. The dock was used during the construction phase of the Titanic and her sister ships the Brittanic and Olympic.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I am very pleased to hear that the decision has been made to preserve the Thompson Graving Dock which is an important monument to the memory of Titanic and all those who have worked in our shipping industry over the years.

“In 1911 this dock was the largest dry dock in the world and played a key role in the design and construction of the White Star Lines’ three sisters: Olympic, Brittanic and, of course, the Titanic. The dock is the last place the Titanic touched dry ground- a fact that local Titanoracs have used to nickname it ‘Titanic’s Physical Footprint in History’.

“This work is vital to preserve this historic monument and I welcome this decision by the Environment Minister which will enhance visitor experience to the Dock and Pump House.”


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