Lo visits Prehen Wood to view impact of building site on the ancient woodland

Alliance MLA Anna Lo, who is the Chair of the Assembly Environment Committee, visited Prehen Wood today to view the impact of a building site for four dwellings close to the ancient woodland. She was invited there by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Prehen Historical and Environmental Society. The developer received full planning permission for the site but there is concern about an access route that is on the boundary of the wood.

The Assembly Environment Committee has written to the Department of the Environment about these concerns and whether any environment regulations have been broken.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I had been contacted by a number of local people who are very unhappy about the impact of this building development on one of the last ancient woodlands in Ireland.

“This site is very important, both in terms of the trees with a number of tree preservation orders that are in place but also as it is the habitat of animals such as red squirrels and badgers.

“After seeing the site of the development myself I share their concerns about its impact, particularly the access route which is on the boundary of the ancient woodland. I am unsure why pre-existing access routes could not have been used that would have reduced any environmental impact on the woodland.

“I would like to thank both the Chair and Vice Chair of Prehen Historical and Environmental Society for inviting me along and I will continue to hold the Department of the Environment to account for the impact of this development on Prehen Wood.”


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