Lo: Time to dispel misconceptions around immigration

Alliance South Belfast MLA, Anna Lo, has said that a report on the benefits of immigration will play an important part in dispelling misconceptions that a number of people may have about immigrants. The report, commissioned by the Centre for Democracy and Peace Building, found that migrants made up about 4% of the NI workforce and contributed £1.2billion to the local economy between 2004 and 2008.

Anna Lo MLA said: “It is time to bust the myths that a number of people may have about immigration and its impact on our society. Immigration is a good thing for Northern Ireland, with many immigrants playing a key role in our society and economy. They add to our diversity and make Northern Ireland a better place.

“This report will play an important role in educating people about the positive contribution made by immigrants. We need to make Northern Ireland an open and welcoming place for people of all backgrounds.

“The Centre for Democracy and Peace Building should be commended for commissioning this report and I would also like to thank the academics who wrote it.”


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