Lo tells East Antrim Alliance AGM ‘we will continue to keep pressure on Executive’

Alliance MLA Anna Lo addressed the party’s East Antrim AGM last night, and told local members that the party is continuing to grow. She also stated that Alliance is making a big impact in the Assembly and is holding the Executive to account for their lack of delivery.

Anna Lo MLA said: “Alliance is playing a massive role in the Assembly by holding the Executive to account on their continued failure to create a shared future. We have highlighted their tendency to delay decisions rather than deliver for Northern Ireland and we will continue to keep the pressure on them.

“Over £1 billion is wasted every year on maintaining a divided society in Northern Ireland. There is segregation in education, leisure services and housing. The Executive must start tackling this devastating problem so that more money can be spent on frontline services like health.

“Alliance is growing, with increases not only in the number of MLAs and Councillors, but also in grassroots members. People can see that we are the only alternative to the Chuckle Brothers approach to government. Our party has vision and real ambition for Northern Ireland, unlike this Executive which has delivered little but delays on important decisions.”


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