Lo submits amendment to Planning Bill to give protection to Giant’s Causeway’s World Heritage Status

Alliance Environment spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has submitted a number of amendments to the Planning Bill including one that would give extra protection to the Giant’s Causeway’s world heritage status.

Anna Lo MLA said: “I was shocked to discover that the Environment Minister did not seek the views of UNESCO when he gave planning permission for the Runkerry golf course near the Giant’s Causeway. UNESCO recently published a report on this planning proposal which stated it could have an impact on the Giant’s Causeway’s world heritage status.

“This is our main tourist attraction, yet its world heritage status has been put in danger by this decision. It staggers belief that the Minister did not seek to give protection to the Giant’s Causeway’s world heritage status.

“I have submitted this amendment because our planning laws are not strong enough to protect the world heritage status of the Giant’s Causeway.

“It is essential that we protect the environment around our only world heritage site. The UNESCO rules actually state that we must protect the area around the site against change and development.

“Our current planning laws are not meeting the UNESCO requirements. If we do not improve them, I fear the Giant’s Causeway may lose its world heritage status.

“I love the Giant’s Causeway and have visited it many times. When my friends and relatives come to Northern Ireland, it is a must see for them. I would be very saddened if we did not protect it.”


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