Lo – “Somebody may be killed if car hijacking continues”

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has said that somebody may be killed if the series of car hijackings continues. One car was hijacked on Monday on the Donegall Road and there was also an unsuccessful attempt on the Lisburn Road. This brings the number of cars hijacked to around eleven in the past two weeks.

Anna Lo MLA said: “Somebody could be killed if this spate of car hijackings in Belfast continues. Somebody could be hit by one of these stolen cars or the hijackers themselves may be killed if they lose control of the car.

“I am asking for this series of crimes to stop. The public are worried about the number of car hijackings in the last two weeks, they are scared that it might happen to them. The Police needs to move resources to combat these crimes and reassure the public.

“The police needs the support of the public if they are to catch those responsible for these hijackings, so I would urge anybody with any information about these crimes to contact the police.”


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