Lo slams Cameron NI cuts comments as typical of Tory attitude

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has slammed David Cameron’s comment that his first target region for cuts would be Northern Ireland.

Anna Lo MLA said: “This comment shows the Tories’ true colours on Northern Ireland. We all know that the Tories are the slash and burn party and they proved us right with these remarks.

“People here will be angry that the Tories are virtually labelling us public enemy number one on spending.

“This also shows how weak a hand the Ulster Unionists have in their link-up. They have sold their soul to the Tories for next to nothing. These comments from David Cameron show perfectly that if people want the best for Northern Ireland they should ignore the Conservatives and Unionists.

“Being target number one on the Tory cut hitlist will push us back to economic nightmares. We need stability and it looks like the Tories would rip this away from us.”


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