Lo shocked at stone attack on taxi

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has expressed shock at an attack on a taxi on Wednesday night that left a woman with a broken jaw. A stone was thrown at the taxi on Glenmachan Street in South Belfast and went through the windscreen and hit the woman.

Anna Lo MLA said: “This incident was appalling. The woman who was hit by the stone sustained a very serious injury. The incident could have been even worse had the stone hit the driver and made them crash.

“People need to realise the very serious consequences that could come to pass if they throw stones at cars. These acts ruin lives and they must stop now.

“Belfast has had problems in the past with people throwing bricks and stones at vehicles from overpasses, so the police should consider building fences to safeguard drivers and passengers alike.

“I would urge anybody who has any information about this attack to contact police.”


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