Ford says Stormont Executive must deliver in the long-term

Alliance Leader David Ford is pleased the Executive has met again but stated it needs to do much work to prove it will provide stability and delivery for local people during these tough economic times. Alliance has called for extra Assembly sittings in the coming months so that more Executive work can be done to respond to public’s real needs.

Opposition Leader David Ford said: “This meeting was a start, but much needs to be done to address the impact of spiralling living costs and the energy crisis. We need to see a coherent strategy on fuel poverty put in place and the Executive must also deliver a business policy to boost our economy through sustainable growth.

“Alliance has asked for the Assembly to hold extra sittings to meet the needs of local people during this economic downturn.

“The Stormont Ministers still have to convince the public that they are going to deliver in the long-term. Having their first meeting since the deadlock was broken is a step in the right direction, but we now need to see a sustained period of stability and work for local people.”

On Executive moves on rural planning policy David Ford said: “I am very concerned that the Executive appears to be watering down rural planning policy. While there is a need to have some relaxation of PPS14 to deal with family circumstances, we are totally opposed to any wholesale scrapping of its principles.”


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