Lo shocked at city centre bar shooting incident

Alliance South Belfast MLA Anna Lo has hit out at those involved in a shooting incident at a pub in Belfast city centre in the early hours of this morning. Shots were fired but fortunately no-one was injured following the incident outside Fibber Magee’s pub in Blackstaff Square at around 1am.

Anna Lo stated: “I am shocked and disgusted at this very sinister incident.

“The serious nature of this attack and the fact that a firearm was used shows the intent of the perpetrator. This incident took place at a time in the evening when pubs would have been emptying, so a number of people many have been in the area when it happened.

“Such acts have absolutely no place in this society and I would hope that the perpetrator can be swiftly brought to justice.

“I would appeal to anyone with information on the shooting to contact police immediately.”


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