Alliance launches stinging attack on Ulster Unionists’ “zig-zag politics”

Alliance Party Vice Chair Michael Long has described a statement claiming Ulster Unionists can provide a coherent opposition while also in government with over half the budget as a desperate example of ‘zigzag politics’. He said Sir Reg Empey had lost all credibility after having the indignity of nominating himself as Health Minister in the Assembly Chamber on Tuesday.

The Castlereagh Councillor said: “Even people in his own party know it is nonsense for Sir Reg to claim they are in opposition when the lure of the Ministerial car proved too much for him.

“Their claims to be in opposition while also claiming their two Departmental budgets come to a grand total of 55% of the Executive’s overall budget are also petty nonsense.

“This is just a further illustration of Reg’s rudderless leadership following previous clangers such as heading a team of election candidates who were totally unrepresentative in every way, at the same time as saying that the UUP were ‘For all of us’. Reg cannot decide whether he’s a Minister or a Party Leader, a Unionist or a liberal, a friend of peace or a friend of paramilitaries.

“This is just another example of zig-zag politics, not bread-and-butter! People will no doubt be thankful it has not been left to a party in such disarray to provide the constructive opposition required.”


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