Lo says water contributions could help save public sector jobs

On the day that NIPSA is holding a protest against potential public sector job cuts at Stormont, Alliance Regional Development Spokesperson Anna Lo MLA has said that revenue raising through fair customer water contributions could help save vital jobs in the health and education sectors.

Anna Lo MLA said: “We quite simply must have genuine revenue raising measures like consumer contributions for water to help prevent job losses in important areas like health and education. Only Alliance is leading change to raise money to protect jobs in this way. Ensuring water is properly resourced will save money from the block grant which can be spent on maintaining jobs and services.

“The public need to examine the question – would you rather save many vital public sector jobs or not pay for water? If people really look at the issue I think they would rather save their own, their mother’s, father’s, sons or daughter’s jobs and protect the vital role they play in the health service, for example.

“The water crisis was not just caused by weather, the lack of investment in infrastructure was a massive factor. We need to get real about resourcing our public services and start balancing the books. That’s why we need fair customer contributions for water based on income and usage.

“I want to see the jobs of those who provide vital services safeguarded, and we need to raise money to help protect jobs and services.”


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