Lo says Programme for Government and Budget are disjointed, just like the Executive

Alliance MLA Anna Lo has branded the Executive’s plans totally disjointed. Her comments come following the pressure heaped on the Executive over the past week or so in Assembly debates on the Legislative Programme, the Programme for Government and the budget.

South Belfast MLA Anna Lo said: “The Executive plans are totally disjointed. The budget does not tie in with the plans set out in the Programme for Government.

“Where is the joined-up government everyone wants? It is nowhere to be found in any of the Executive’s plans.

“There seem to be a number of different factions within this Executive who do not work together. This removes any possibility of coherence or collectivity.

“It would appear to some that schemes heralded in the Executive’s plans like the Belfast Sewer Project are not new. We need clarification as to whether this is money being repackaged as new funding, in a vain attempt to make the Executive’s plans look radical.

“It has been very interesting to see the DUP and Sinn Fein losing their cool with us this week after we pointed out very valid concerns about their plans. As regards the DUP and Sinn Fein losing the run of themselves, I fear that they may never have had it in the first place.”


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