Lo says demand for integrated school places shows support for shared future

South Belfast Alliance MLA Anna Lo has said that the fact that Lagan College and a number of integrated schools elsewhere are oversubscribed shows that we need more places in the sector and demonstrates support for a shared future in Northern Ireland. Recent statistics show that the two most oversubscribed post-primary schools in Northern Ireland are in the integrated sector. They are Slemish Integrated College and Lagan College.

Anna Lo MLA said: “The high demand for integrated places shows people’s enthusiasm for a shared future and for tackling division in our society.

“These figures are a real tribute to the excellent standard of teaching at Lagan College and other integrated schools in Northern Ireland.

“Government must do all it can to ensure that everyone who wants to send their child to an integrated school is able to do so. That means providing more places in this sector to help meet demand. Integrated education helps improve community relations and also helps tackle segregation which costs Northern Ireland so much every year.”


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