Hill condemns car bomb attempt in Bangor

Alliance Councillor and former Mayor of North Down Tony Hill has condemned the attempted attack on a soldier in the Chatsworth area of Bangor. An unexploded car bomb was found near the car of a soldier at his home on Wednesday morning. It is believed that the bomb had been placed under the car but had fallen off.

Cllr Tony Hill said: “I am shocked and outraged at this attack. Make no mistake, this was attempted murder. This man had a very lucky escape and I am sure that this must have been a very traumatic experience for him. My thoughts are with him at this time.

“Those behind this attempted car bomb have absolutely no support amongst the public. The only aim of these people is to bring death and injury onto our streets.

“If anybody has any information about this attempted car then they must contact the police. These dissidents must be taken off our streets by the police and brought before the courts to answer for their crimes.”


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